October 2020 party . . . and new lab shirts!

Professor Brian Calvi and members of his lab in their new lab shirts pose for a picture while socially distancing outdoors and forming a "C" for "Calvi lab" with their hands.
Front of the new Calvi lab t-shirt:  "The Calvi Lab" appears above a drawing of a fruit fly on the upper left side of the shirt. Below the fly image are the words, "We love mutants."
Back of the Calvi lab t-shirt: Doing stuff to figure out things since 1999.

Making our “C” Calvi gang sign while showing off our new lab t-shirts—and social distancing, of course—during our farewell party for Ananya, who completed her postdoc fellowship. From left: Ananya Chakravarti, Hunter Herriage, Diana Henderson, Brian Calvi, Savannah Brown, and Megan Dykhouse.

When we publish a paper, we celebrate with ice cream!

Brian Calvi and members of his lab gather around with ice cream cones in hand.

Clockwise from lower left: Chunyang Zhang, Suozhi “James” Qi, J. Michael Harnish, Michael Dixon, Heshani “Nayanga” Thirimanne, Michael Rotelli, and Neha Paranjabe. Brian Calvi is seated in the center. (2015)